MOST people who undertake planning a wedding will endure varying degrees of financial strain, emotional roller coaster, family members, not to mention the twisting of the stomach that happens when dreams of a fantasy wedding slowly seem crushed by realities of over priced items, lack of professional vendors and a plethora of problems one can associate with Weddings.

They say something always goes wrong on your wedding day, how true that is and feel to say what you will about the long and winding road that lead to the final wedding day but most people go all out these days regardless of the what they’ve just gone through. For most couples it all comes full circle after months and in some cases years of planning the perfect wedding, everything starts to fall in place on the final day, from the planner making sure everyone is on time to the cake being exactly as the couple requested to having extra white shirts and socks for the groom to be and his guys.

Figuring out how to throw a dream wedding can be a serious challenge, in today’s world; weddings have become more than just a union of man and wife. Every bride wants to have a unique celebration that her guests will remember for years to come and not forgetting “Trending”, very important nowadays. Couples try to create a reception with a certain flair that reflects their personalities and shares their love story. Sometimes it seems impossible to start planning and many women are stumped when it comes to the details.

Well that is when Top Weddings Africa comes on tv to the struggling bride, the frustrated groom and millennial who love weddings, makeup, beautiful dresses, fancy food, wine, and off course single ladies using the opportunity to attract gentleman and the list goes on. What makes for a highly watchable wedding TV show? Drama!! And Top Weddings promises to be full of this and Hopefully brides and grooms watching the show will remember that the point is to have a happy celebration with loved ones only shedding tears of joy. Whiles giving viewers a great way to see what works and what doesn’t live on TV.

Top Weddings Africa will also profiles companies with proven track records of success in the wedding industry who have with them years of experience and unrivalled professionalism. Top Weddings Africa sounds just like what it is: a show dedicated to bridging the cap between the wedding industry professional and the prospective clients and the viewing public. The Director of the show Guudkelly promises to take viewers on a journey around the world in search of only the #TopWeddings to the delight of viewers and sponsors.

Originally on Viasat One, Top Weddings Africa can now be watched on Tv3, Saturdays from 3:00 to 3:30pm and Channel 279 on DSTV.

Business (small and Big) stand to benefit greatly from the show as the advent of modern technology, improved tools for story telling and high quality HD videos (sight, sound and motion) will provide a platform to truly portray Businesses in a totally new way.








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