EHA KE ZAN is a phrase from the Ewe language in Ghana which means ‘the Crossroads of

the songs’. Having a passion for traditional music, and being the  son of percussion player and

dancer, Osagyefo Louis inherited the love for cultural and traditional music from his family and

finally launched his first Album in 2015.


His singular style combining traditional Ghanaian music –such as agbadza and salsa rhythms will undoubtedly make you dance.  After a successful launch of his first Album, ‘Conviction’ in April 2015, and a second edition in 2016, he will be at it again this year with  more exciting activities such as fashion show and exhibitions.


The 3rd edition of EHA KE ZAN festival aims at  discovering  or rediscovering  some aspects

of African music and fashion; to foster partnerships, working relationships, friendship and

human relations. The year’s  festival opens with  a 2 day exhibition of great Musical Figures

and Fashion  designers from Africa and the world  by a renowned artiste  Professor Oduro

Frimpong  from Ashesi University.


Also slated for the festival is a  Musical Workshop by Victor Dey (a renowned Ghanaian keyboardist)  an exhibition of sponsors products and/or services by partner Corporate bodies and Institutions,  and a  Live Concert by the well-known artist,story teller, and actor : Osagyefo Louis and Gyedu Blay Ambolley (Ghanaian Highlife musician) The festival will go further  to  gather partner corporate bodies and institutions in same venue within a festive and friendly atmosphere, bringing them closer to prospective cutomers. It will also  serve  as  an  exchange  platform   to  promote  African  culture  while

enhancing the visibility of these partners and developing a contact network between

professionals and users.



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