Big or less, which comes first?

Less of course!

But your choice is wrong.


A penny or a pound, which sounds loud?

Pennies of course!

So we prefer the pounds.


First or last, which sounds best?

First of course!

Then who wants the last?


A car to a horse, which runs fast?

A car of course!

Once ago, the horse was a choice.


A chair to a throne, which rules Rome?

A throne of course!

So the chair stays home.


Long or short, which covers more?

Long of course!

So the long is what we roar.


Men to kings, which is strong?

Kings of course!

But we want to be more; if not gods.


To ask and be given, over than more

Why won’t you ask; for more and more?


We will always add the twist to Oliver’s story.

We will always add the Twist to his name.

We will always ask for what is easy and better.

We will always ask for more and more.



Asford psalms.

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