Is it precise?

Is it true?

Is it real?

Or it is just a perceptive feel.


Fate once felt.

Now, I know is a funny feeling.

A predetermined future is what I know it is meant.

An inevitable occurrence with strange hooks fastened into the core of our souls.

By the tick of the clock, I choose to do this or that; acknowledge or ignore; loosen or fasten whatever I see or hold.

But why is it that your eyes scowls through my spirit; telling me I can’t bend what is written.

I determine what is and what should be.

Yet still, they say it is destiny.

If it is fate, then there is no waste of time.

Because everything in each space of time will be a pre-existing or predetermined circumstance.

Then what happens to events of coincidences, do we consider it in this instance?


Is it by choice or by chance?

Do we act by choice?

Or we live by chance?

Choice; not chance, determines our destiny.

Chance; not choice, determines our destiny.

Which is it?


By: Asford psalms

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