The African dream is beautiful. We live colourfully. Its not black and white. Just look around. Now is the time to walk the talk. A new African in the world.

We gave the colonial rulers the marching orders just so we can get school children and security officers to march in circles in the same space? We have been marching for 60 years and we should be marching forward. But the torch is not being burnt and borne aloft. We have been sticking to the same old thing for the last few decades as we watch Singapore fade away into the distance. We sing Ghana is poor. Its time to blend the rich culture with the changing times. Its time to thread it in.

Action without thought is empty. Thought without action is blind. Sometimes we are just sitting on the fence as we watch life pass us by. But the time has come for us to align our actions with our thoughts. Citizens not spectators for the spectacle is an eye sore. Have your eyes not grown sore?  We hold the key to make our nation great and strong and in humility as we cherish one another in honest living we can mind our business and mine the gold in our mind and coast away in real celebration.

The African problem requires an African solution. We were supposed to be awake 60 years ago. We were supposed to be influencing the world. But sleep over took us on the journey and our rich culture is not enriching the world. We are supposed to be celebrating diversity leading into prosperity but rather we still live with poverty even though we have property. Exploitation we are familiar with but Exploring the African within we have been frustrated with.

The character to manage our own destiny we need to develop. Mastering our hands and beautifully neating together the fine pieces of our dreams and crafting it into a tailore-made outfit to express our outlook. The rest of the world looking out for the new African.

The African dreams big too. May be even bigger. The problem is not with our thinking. Not that the whiteman thinks better. Our thoughts get lost in translation. On the journey from the mind on its way into daily behaviour.  Appearances will leave behind impressions and what we got to go through may be painstaking but what is at stake is ripe for the taking. We got to do better. We got to blaze the trail.

The mental slavery is real. Our brain wired to serve. Not mother Ghana though. But to serve the greed, envy, jealousy, hopelessness, selfishness of some as we lay the blame at the doorsteps of our colonial masters. We feed the made in Ghana agenda to the dogs. Our leaders cannot find a furniture manufacturer who can fix the legislative arm’s infrastructure but tell us to buy made in Ghana. The log which Kpogas and Agorwu should be using for quality fittings is in the eyes of the parliamentarians. They go behind our backs and buy from China. Chai naaaaa

The African Dream Is Beautiful. Lets Live it colourfully. Now is the time to walk the talk. The new African In The World. The revolution to complete our evolution is in our volution. Tsssoooooobooooooiiiiiii!


Credit: Makafui Awuku



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