Delores Maame Yaa Larbi, known more by her personal and now artiste moniker Maayaa, is a 23 year old afro soul singer with one of the most distinct voices in our music sphere.  After years of hesitation in pursuing her art because of the kind of music she wants to create and a fear of how it would be received, Maayaa has finally decided it is time to show herself to the world, and boy, are we in for a treat!

‘Limbo’ is Maayaa’s first official foray into making original music, and is a true gem. The bare combination of guitar riffs and licks and her soulful vocals are a perfect representation of the person Maayaa wants to show you in her music: raw and uninhibited, going straight to your very core. The acoustic production and poignant vocals are the best vehicles through which to convey a message easily relatable to by many – that of a love stumbled upon, a magical romance enjoyed, of heartbreak, of a difficulty in letting go of that which you know is toxic, of coming back to the same point over and over – constantly stuck in limbo. The incongruity of the musical arrangement is more than apt for this song’s content, as it mirrors the motions of a love like this.

Maayaa is taking the world of alternative music by storm, with her clearly defined sound and unapologetic approach to telling the stories she feels most moved to tell, and is by no means relenting after this first single. Expect more from this vocal goddess throughout the rest of the year. Till then though, the gem ‘Limbo’ is here!

For further updates and information kindly visit Maayaa’s pages: @delmiyaa (Twitter), @_delmiyaa (Instagram).





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