You are aware of broadcaster Osei Kwame’s compelling voice, but do you know what he looks like? An astute professional, he has evolved to become a man of many parts, chalking immense success in an assortment of endeavours: MCing, Concept Development, Voice Over Services, Copy Writing, Brand Architecture, and (as he demonstrates in these newly released studio images), a master of classic fashion too.

Providing blissful company at brunch time with a prized playlist and a soothing baritone, the Abuakwa State College alumnus maintains a constant presence in discussions pertaining to our airwaves today, with many alluding to his natural flair and commitment to only global standards.

He describes his playlist as a travel through times –all that you’ve loved and come to love in 4 hours every weekday.

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Kwame loves the rich contours and souls of earthly queens. He’s a friend to many, and lover of one. He also appreciates all things beautiful –with a special inclination to art: the art of good music, the art of making a great car (never mind that he’s yet to make one). This rare trait, deeply-seated in his every emotion, is what has endeared him to many, attracting an ever-growing multitude of loyalists both to his trademark Brunch in the Citi show, and his vehicle-focused Auto Show which premiered on Thursday April 6.





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