You only lose your sanity when you expect too much from your partner. Once in love, we do so many inexplicable things as a means of professing our unquenchable love to the ones we’re involved with… but the big question is, is it always WORTH it?

Bismark Koku Boateng and I have been friends since childhood. We literally did almost everything together; we went to the same school, worked in the same company for three (3) years before we parted ways. He’s always been a sweet gentleman, extremely generous but with a touch of a “no nonsense” attitude. I always wondered when Koku would settle down or perhaps get into a serious relationship; I couldn’t imagine my friend being single his entire life without giving a dose of that sweetness in him to a well deserving lady.

The story begun when Koku met Portia on a WhatsApp group. Per her contributions on the page, he thought she was smart and well mannered. Then he went down in her DM (sending her a private message) and started what seemed like a beautiful friendship with “Bonita” (a secret name we addressed her by). Texts became frequent calls – calls graduated to regular hangouts – hangouts turned into serious dating. That’s how his love story evolved and it was just as he had hoped for until Koku made the biggest mistake of his life by taking a bite of Bonita’s cookie (not his fault though, he had managed to stay without sex for a year and nine months)… everything simply turned sour!

There I got to know that there were indeed tons of psychos roaming in the streets in the guise of innocence hence the popular phrase, “many are mad but few are roaming.”  Koku had taken Portia out on a regular date when she noticed some ladies, who happened to be old friends of koku, approach with a wide smile coupled with warm long hugs. Portia was very furious and simply walked away without halting for any form of introduction. Drama was boiling up! She got very upset that she asked that they ended the so-called relationship and he merely agreed. After 48 hours of not hearing from her, he called to invite Bonita to come visit so they could discuss everything that happened. She initially played hard to get but after Koku sort of accepted the break up, she voiced out saying “you need to ask me out again,” which he did… and everything went smooth afterwards for a short while. Koku’s male best friend, Bernard, had a private house party inside his plush East Legon residence one Saturday and called on Koku to be his DJ for the night. You know how Ghanaians do… lots of food, alcohol and enough beautiful people to socialize with (if you get what I mean *winks*). It was so much fun that I even lost myself at that party. Those of you familiar with me are aware of my serious and uptight nature, now, just imagine me twerking, dancing and screaming my head off and finally diving into the pool… okay enough! Hahaha.

Portia, once again in her newly revealed elements got extremely furious at Koku for not inviting her to the party; she called like a billion times or even more accompanied by some really text message filled with accusations, insults and everything that would provoke a man to break up with his woman. Koku returned her call only to be met with pure traditional Akan insults… all this for a party o hmmm. He finally told her over the phone that he couldn’t keep up with all the insults and everyday drama and concluded with “Yo! I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep on pretending like everything is okay. I just don’t love you anymore…I’m done.” Just like that, it was all over between the two. I’d never seen Koku that relieved in a long while; he slept like a log that night and woke up the next day like a new creature but that wasn’t all. He missed numerous phone calls from friends, some family members of Bonita and a few concerned outsiders. He however managed to answer the next phone call only to be met by a cold female voice on the other side of the phone asking him what he had done to Bonita, it was Portia’s Aunt. Apparently, after koku freed himself by breaking up with Bonita, she immediately had a shock and fell unconscious. She was then rushed to the hospital only to regain her consciousness but had lost her memory. Aye!!  What a Drama Queen!

Koku rushed to her end and what I thought was the funniest thing happened. Her first question was “who are you?” followed by “you look familiar… I sense we have a deep connection but I can’t quite put my finger on it.” The lunatic had awaken!

Koku amidst laughter, run her through every happening and she made it even funnier when she burst into tears… she then asked that they pretended that they’re still in a relationship just to help her regain her memory. How does that even work? And which doctor recommended that? … After two (2) weeks her memory was back like it never left! Two weeks! Oh wow!

To cut the long story short Koku finally got rid of this pretty Psycho by switching his contact and relocating to a whole new different place where the 27 year old intends on restarting his life but this time with extra care and vigilance.

I just believe that Portia allowed a real man to slip away just after sex.  What he saw beyond her panties (her attitude) was nothing attractive to write home about. She was a complete psycho who intended trap an innocent man with sex… how cheap!

Koku has now spotted a really decent working class lady whom he intends to win over and walk down the aisle ASAP if only she stops playing hard to get.

What’s your take on this? Was Koku right to have left Bonita or he should have rather stayed to help her get rid of that nasty psychotic attitude?

..In my opinion, I’m just glad he walked away

By: Nana Yaa Asabea

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