Doubt in their minds; your kind never exist.

Now in my eyes; your beauty doesn’t resist.


Your rare shape and carefully contoured edges.

Dark body- well bent cleavage.

From the tip of her head to the stalk of her feet.

It’s beauty beyond compare.


In her eyes is a love so wholesome.

On its cheeks, her beauty blossoms.

And the lips craves my kiss- her beauty and my handsome.

Her jaw sits on its neck and her shoulder freely pays the ransom.

From there, my eyes goes nowhere.

Her elegance is much to hold back.

This beauty is in the body of the holder.

And my eyes are held captive by it- I give up.

Her body trimmed- firm and green.

Sits on the extumescence of petals of the same colour- green.

Tilted to the ground, curves upwards to form her standing flare.

And the stalk of her tigh to the tip of her toe on the ground- is belle without compare.


This beauty is in the body of the holder.

Yet my eyes are held captive by it.


Her beauty is handsome.

My heart is willing to pay the diamond ransom.

But first, I bliss to kiss your beauty blossom.



 Credit: Asford Psalms


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