The Bagad de Lann-Bihoué, the French Navy Pipe Band on a historical visit to Accra, joins celebrations of Ghana @ 60 and sixty years of diplomatic relations between France and Ghana, creating unique musical performances with Ghanaian singers

The Pipe Band from Brittany, Bagad de Lann-Bihoué is on a four day visit to Accra, as a part of cultural activities organized by the French Embassy in Ghana to mark 60 years of diplomatic relations between France and Ghana as well as Ghana’s 60th Independence anniversary


About the French pipe band: It has been over forty years since the Bagad of Lann-Bihoué, the only Breton musical band of the French Navy (see the attached presentation), visited Africa. They are here back to Africa, here in Ghana from 4th to the 8th of April.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of France to Ghana, François Pujolas expressed his priority also for cultural and artistic cooperation:  “the partnership between France and Ghana is a global partnership. Not only does it cover political and economic issues but it also involves the development of our cultural and artistic exchanges. ”


Bi-lateral relations between France and Ghana are flourishing day by day. Apart from political, economic domains and security and defence, cultural and artistic cooperation is growing as well along with the support for French language. This partnership is consolidated with the construction of a new French embassy premises in Ghana, the foundation stone of which was laid by President Nana Akufo-Addo on 24th of March this year, which in itself is one of such symbols of confidence in the future of our bilateral relations.

Just like the rest of Europe, France is committed to the regional integration process in West Africa. In this respect, it assists Ghana in efforts to improve the teaching and learning of the French language and to better promote cultural diversity.

In this same context, the French pipe band ‘Bagad’, 29 ambassadors of a particularly rich and unique French tradition, have been invited to Accra to celebrate our cultural exchanges and explore possibilities of cultural and musical cooperation between our two countries. This Bagad is open to musical influences from other parts of world and Africa in particular.  It played yesterday at the French Residence, at an exclusive reception hosted by the French ambassador and his spouse, presenting a unique musical performance bringing together renowned Ghanaian talents such as M.anifest, Lumina Orchestra and Winneba Youth Choir.  This evening was a perfect symbol of cultural harmony through music coming from so different backgrounds. A stunning performance enjoyed by over 300 eminent guests from political, business and cultural domains of Ghana in the presence of the Vice-president of the Republic and Lady Samira.

On Friday 7th April at the Alliance Française, two of Ghana’s own artists Shikomé and Manifest, will join the Bagad to give a special free concert. All music lovers are invited to this unique event.






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