Titled The Psalmist Creed, emerging poet Asford Psalms’ weekly poetry column consists selected poems from his forthcoming debut collection. Here’s “Heart and Soul”:

I live to see the world.

I lived through earth and heavenly wars.

I lived, before time was.

And I know I will live when many of you are no more.


My heart beats for all.

And my soul bares it all- their weight are on my shoulders.

But for their fate, they are the holders.


My future is their lives.

But they are wise and choose to love the feel of a senseless pry.


My heart is as big as the world.

No matter what they do, I still live through the pain.

How long do they think they will enjoy their reign?

And how long do they think I will stay this way?


I gave them life but they live beyond the natural stripes.

Even though they push me to the wall, I pride myself in their knowledge.

And I am always left with a tollage.

They live today

But they sometimes forget tomorrow.

I wish to give them all old age.

But my soul fears for what might be the case.

They forget where they are now is not a system of faldage.

This is your home.

And here is where you will roam.


I know, I have cared too much.

That ‘s because I am a mother.

I know they are intrigued by my lovely wonders.

But I also, I am stunned by their action; that tears me assunder.


I made you men, I made you women.

But you cross and you breed, so you bring down an omen.

I made you seeds and I made you weeds,

But you plant with grief, for the weeds fades down your reaps.

So you made a liquid wrath to burn the weedy-chaff.

You may have reaped but you have been deceived.

You may have dealt with the weeds but the err is on the fruit and the seeds within.

You love the greed and you plant a few seeds.

But you have altered the genes and you plant with ease.

I love you so much so I standby and watch.

You like to feast so much and I made you some meat.

But what I create from my mind is not enough.

You are wise; you add as much and in twice.


I give you the air and I hold your sun.

You destroy the air and you forget your sons.

I sustain your lives but you made guns.

You fight in rifes and you do so with fun.


I give you nutrients and I give you what is right.

I give you natural extracts, from nature.

But you look at them and say, “you are creating the future.”


You break my form.

But less, you are warned!

My heart is getting torn and it being apart is dawn.


You fume the air.

And you mine the earth.

Less you know, your cities hung in the air.

And they might fall with a little press.


You create your own plaques for reasons.

And create your own cure and you think you are safe.


You slash down the saplings without regrowth.

You put to ground the trees for reasons.

And you think your are free.


You fish where it is wrong and you put chemicals where they don’t belong.


You warm the earth.

But you always forget that you will always give birth.


I am a mother with a heart.

Even though you are ripping me apart.

But my soul wants you to live on; many years, long.


You push me to extents.

And by instincts, I will fight back.

I might choose to rain on you, my radiative blessings of curses.

Or cause you many more destructive pain

For I hate to see the future into which you are projecting.

Because in that future, you can’t reverse it.


I known you are humans.

You make mistakes before you learn your lessons.

Unlike the heavens, you won’t live forever.

But you hearts have grown impatient.

For things that should be best kept even out if patent.

For how long can I be patient?

Just like you, I have a heart and I have a soul.


I am your mother.

And I am nature.

If you keep trying to rip my heart apart, my soul will evolve in your disobedience and fight back with a soothing pestilence.


   Credit: Asford Psalms.





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