Titled The Psalmist Creed, emerging poet Asford Psalms’ weekly poetry column consists selected poems from his yet-to-be-released debut collection. Here is Vengeance:


An eye for an eye.

A tooth for a tooth.

But the truth be told, it is a ruth.


You choose to payback for what is rude.

And you think the choice is as better as good.

But the truth be told, it is an ablude.


We believe that is what will make us whole again.

But the truth be told, it puts us in chains and sends our hearts to the darkest place.


We harbour the wrongs of others in our hearts

And wish; and do the revenge to rip their parts.

But the truth be told, we are the ones being torn apart.


Let time heel what the pain of the wrong made you feel.

To let go is divine.


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