World –famous Canadian make-up brand M.A.C Cosmetics outdoored their latest showroom at the Accra Mall yesterday March 10th. A sleek ceremony, the event was graced by fashion connoisseurs and enthusiastic customers alike.

Established in 1984, the company has grown to become a truly global enterprise, with their headquarters in New York, and setting up outlets in destinations across Europe and Africa.

There has been a longstanding romance between African women and the M.A.C range, hence their decision to enter markets across the continent. Senior Artist for Eastern and West Africa Marco Louis expounded to ENEWSGH, the world’s new- found fondness for the African body: “the planet is, I think, very much turning for Africans skin tone in the sense that we have shades for absolutely every color”.

He also spoke on what qualities separate them from other brands, stating what key role artistry plays in their service: “one thing that stands out for me with the brand that I love the most is, the big focus is about the artistry — it’s not just a product, you’re not walking in and picking something off the shelf, purchasing and leaving.  So you come in and you deal with a make-up artist. We sit you down and educate you about the product”.

“When I say artistry we also try to support the make-up artists in the industry so it’s not just like [a] senior artist comes in and does his thing. I try to spend time with professional artists in the Ghanaian makeup industry”, he continued.

Aside their flagship product being the famous Ruby Woo lipstick, the company also parades an extensive range including Mascara, Foundation, Mascara, Primer, Eye Shadow, Eyelashes, Powder, Blush, Concealer, Face Primer, Setting Spray, Highlighter, Contour, Bronzer, Makeup Brushes, Brush Cleaners, as well as Palettes.

M.A.C has received endorsement from such popular style icons as Madonna, Lady Diana, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cher, and Janet Jackson, further emphasising its ever-growing appeal.

See exclusive photos from the event below:

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