She’s got the flair, the lyrics, the looks, the attitude and oh yes her punchlines are dope! Her parents call her Natasha Kodua but on stage she likes to be referred to as Tasha.

Buddding female rapper, Tasha, is poised to break onto the mainstream music scene in Ghana and beyond.
Born to Ghanaian parents Tasha partly grew in Ghana but later moved to Denmark where she has been living till now. Though she started high school in Ghana she had to complete in Denmark. She further attended a Copenhagen based college where she offered biotechnology and chemistry.

Her passion for music started developing at a tender age when her family acknowledged what a great dancer she was. Since then she has had mad love for music by listening to inspirational songs that talked about daily lifestyle.
The challenges in life is what inspires her to do music, to her it’s her way of letting things out.

Asked about her genre of music, Tasha stated ‘’ I’m a rapper. And as my love for rap was first introduced through HipHop, I will first name Hiphop as my style of rap. I’ve been freestyling & performing with a few dancehall tracks & does Hiplife as well, but the real Queen Tasha raps and as we know, rap is originated from Hiphop’’.

In 2011, she was part of ‘Rap Kingz’, an annual rap battle hosted each year. She came down to Ghana in 2012 and performed at dancehall act Epixode’s show held at Dukes night club, hosted by Epixode himself, at Salenko Beach.

He had Shatta Wale, Tinny, Stonebwoy, Iwan, Atinka, Agbeshie, AJ Omo Alajah, Blaka, Luther and many artistes on that show.

Also, she has twice been to Tivoli, a recreational park located right in the capital of Denmark to perform. Tasha has performed at various clubs, to Donae’o Live in Denamark at Park Café 2013, Sweet Entertainment Grand Opening Party at Søpavillionen, and the rest have been festivals hosted every year by OESTHUSET.

As an upcoming artiste who is new to the Industry, she looks up to FemCee’s who has been doing rap music for years like Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, MC Lite, Missy Elliot, Remy Ma, Lauren Hill and Hiplife’s very own legendary Abrewa Nana.
Though still upcoming Tasha is looking forward to work with some top notch acts like EL, Sarkodie, Edem, M.anifest, Bisa Kdei & of course it’ll be a big dream to a point in time for her to make music with these Female MC’s previously mentioned.
Certainly as every female rapper the male dominance is a factor she has to encounter and to her, she sees the industry as a man’s world. The males got control of almost everything but she is ready to change that a bit because she stands for her beloved country Ghana. She said ‘’ I can hardly pick out female MC’s related to the amount of male MC’s we have known in the industry. So it’s a dream to not only rap but also stand out for every female upcoming rapper. To open doors for more women in the industry, to encourage & to let the males know that we ladies can also do this as well.

In 2014 she returned to Ghana for the summer holidays, where Tasha recorded a single titled ‘My Way’ and collaborated with RKP ft Kofi Grande on a song titled ‘Asa’.

She currently has a new single out, ‘What You Got’ with a beat produced by prone hit maker DJ Breezy and Sink.
To her fans and the public in general, Tasha says she’s got a whole big package but it’s only a matter of time to let things be known. They should expect songs that will move their feet & also music that will not only inspire but advice the youth as well.


Listen to the song below:





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