Today on our weekly love, sex and relationship column, we shall be reviewing a letter from a concerned brother who recently started a relationship with an anonymous lady from the internet. After months of being in some of serious relationship with her; he soon discovered something disturbing about his new Queen after meeting her in person.

He started, “I met this girl on a dating website seven (7) months ago and I instantly got attracted to her and after several days of persuading her to be my girlfriend she finally gave in. we became lovers over social media and via phone calls and web cam sessions, we began having regular naughty and dirty talks. The boobs on that girl were to die for and her verbal sexual game was totally on point; she definitely was my kind of girl.

“I have been masturbating over her incredible body and went ahead to make arrangements to see my princess in person. Alas! Time came for me to pick up my lady from the airport and because she was coming in from Kumasi I had made the necessary arrangement to make put her on the best flight to Accra. My heart was racing faster than a makola market thief on the run; I was nervous as hell. I could tell my princess amidst the crowd from the arrival hall. Her skinny jeans hugged the right places and brought out her incredible gigantic curves; forget Joselyn Dumas, Moesha and the rest… this one na original o! She flashed a bright smile, walked directly towards and gave me a tight hug. Naya, I was disappointed when she spoke directly to my face… I couldn’t just believe it; how can an expensive looking lady have such an appalling mouth odor.  The drive to my house was a very quite one, she did all the talking and I could barely breathe in my own car.

“Later, I thought to myself that it could just be the stomach breath from happening to sit on a 45 minute flight on an empty stomach and also from not doing much talking on the plane. I8 immediately asked her take a shower, brush her teeth and then get some action started. She did as instructed and walked out of the shower totally naked with those boobies staring right at me. She crawled up to me in bed in all that sexiness and said ‘beau, I’m all yours tonight’… eiii!! Her mouth odor attacked my face at once making my full solid erection totally soft… it smelt like some bush animal died and got rotten in there. I avoided all attempts to kiss turned her around and banged her fully from behind without looking directly at her face because another word from her would just turn me off completely. I saw the disappointment on her face after we made love and I could see all the questions running through her mind. She’s been living in my house for over a week now and the story is still the same. Sincerely speaking, I would love to help her out of this situation but how do I tell her without making her feel bad or insulted. I really want to introduce her to my friends but I simply can’t because of her mouth odor situation; my friends would make mockery of her and that would affect me terribly. How do I tell her Naya?”

Interesting… Kojo, I understand your situation perfectly and I understand exactly where you’re coming from. Now that you have already started having sex there’s nothing to be shy of. Many might not know this but most women with t5errible mouth odor are as a result of extreme cases candidiasis. Her mouth odor condition could imply that she has an unhealthy vagina and needs to see a gynecologist immediately. If you don’t want to go hard on her, you could spi8ll the beans over dinner or you can tell her amidst some cuddling and I’m sure she’d be very grateful.

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