Fashion Public Relations Specialist, Ms. Faith Senam Ocloo, has called on fellow PR professionals to focus on shaping their own image while they shape that of their organizations and clients.

She made this known when she took her turn to host #PRChatAfrica weekly PR Chat on Twitter on the topic “Role of PR in shaping our own Image”.

Ms. Ocloo emphasized the need for public relations professionals to invest in building their own image stating that a lot of PR professionals have challenges explaining to their friends, parents and other prospective clients what PR or communications professionals really do.

She spoke on the premise that PR professionals usually tend to forget or push their own image building to the rear in their quest to achieve goodwill and safeguard that of their organization or clients’ reputation.

As one of the key functions of Public Relations is maintaining an organization’s image by communicating its message and building mutual relationships with various stakeholders, it is imperative for PR professionals to apply these same functions in building our own professional and personal image.

She called on PR Professional who are experts at building and maintaining good image for their organizations or clients to equally invest same in building their own image which will go a long way to benefit the same organization or client.

Ms. Ocloo said “As image experts, build your own reputation just like you help build companies, brands or personalities”. Adding that our “personality is as important as the brand we represent” hence the need to invest in building good and strong image for ourselves as well as the organization or client.

Among other things, she also advised PR professionals to position themselves as thought leaders in their area of expertise or industry, build strong presence both offline and online, take advantage of the unlimited opportunities available on social media and work on building relationships with various stakeholders.

#PRChatAfrica is a young group of PR and communication professionals from across the world with a common love for Africa, Public Relations and branding strategies. It’s an hourly once in a week chat on twitter with the aim of using topics in PR and branding to improve the face of Africa.

It is also to expand the concept of PR and its standing in Africa with the aim of serving as a resource center for companies, media and government representatives.

Catch the next #PRChatAfrica chat, this and every Thursday at 6pm GMT.


Faith Senam Ocloo is a Fashion PR Specialist and founder of e’april Public Relations, a boutique PR firm specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She can be reached on +233272686959,, @senamapril on Instagram and @faithsenam on Twitter.


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