“It’s the 80s rail service system, and the train is the only means of transport from the outskirts. A couple – BOI (Adjetey Anang) and ATWEI (Lydia Forson) is bent on delivering their first baby in Akete but misses their first train. A wrong decision finds them in the middle of nowhere. Will they make it on time for the delivery, or, risk losing the baby and mother?”

Keteke stars the likes of Lydia Forson, Fred Amugi, Adjetey Anang, Joseph Otsiman, Clement Suarez, Raymond Sarfo, as well as General Natia, and navigates masterfully  themes of love, among other aspects of society in a way that is both compelling and humorous.

A widely anticipated retro motion picture, the groundbreaking project debuts on March 4th at the Silverbird Cinemas Accra and West Hills Mall, and screens al through the Independence Holiday Weekend.

Keteke  is directed by the award-winning  Peter Sedufia for Old Film, Keteke, and already ranks among the higest ranking Ghanaian movies for 2017.


Watch a trailer below: 

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