Popular Ghanaian movie star Lydia Forson has, in a latest blog post, submitted her take on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. She confesses that there was a time when it meant a great deal to her, leaving her “shattered” when nothing special was done for her on the day.

She however points out how, as she grew older, it held less and less significance to her as she realised that ultimately, it is self-love people should work at, and not leave their happiness in the hands of others.


Read the full post below:

As you grow older a lot of things cease to mean as much as they used to; Valentines  Day being one of them.

Back then, I used to wait on this day with a lot of anticipation and remember being completely shattered when who I was with didn’t do something special for me, or worse I didn’t have anyone to do anything for and with me.

But with age comes maturity, well to those who want it, and the day has longed ceased to be a “let me get validation day” or a “free sex pass” as many others have turned it into.

Growing up we used to share cards to our best friends, parents and sometimes crushes; the day was spent being kind to others, sharing and surprising our loved ones.

But unfortunately it’s turned into an international day for ONLY lovers, and a depressing day for those without, which shouldn’t be so.

A lot of single women and even some men will feel left out in the celebrations today, and even a little sad that they have no one to share this day with.


For many women this reminder of their single status can be especially difficult, and this has more to do with OTHERS making them  feel inadequate for being alone  than it does the women themselves.

And when you don’t first love yourself, you will believe in this lie and it’s why a day like this can be daunting.

So today I’m calling it my “Happy LOVE Yourself Day” and encouraging everyone to love and celebrate the love they have for themselves along with me.
Because you can’t love another, unless you’ve learned to love yourself first.

And when you do;

No ONE DAY will make you feel less loved.

No ONE PERSON will be able to take your joy away.

So today celebrate who you are, begin the journey to loving yourself and accept that it’s OK if you’re not in a relationship, it doesn’t define who you are.
Happy ‘Love Yourself Day’

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