We may all have our sides and opinons to the SM camp.Some are highly censured by the attitude of some members while others shift blames to Shatta Wale.

As a young business enterprenuer myself, I would like to take it from a business perspective and will boldly say Shatta Wale is a business man.

After watching his live broadcast here on facebook captioned ” SO WHO AT ALL MADE SHATTA WALE”, he demonstrated pure business with fun.I call him “SMART MAN” (SM) because it takes only an insightful business performer to do that.

He played his song with Burna Boy “Hosanna” and that is one of his current songs on promo list.The hub of the video leads you to “Shatta Bitters” and to some extent he tells you the benefit of the drink.He also took advantage of Pope Skinny in the studio as a supporting act to the upcoming, SHATTA WALE IN CAPE COAST CONCERT.Interestingly, he always takes advantage of the moment.

You may have your twist to him as a leader of the camp and the exit of his members.But like Brian Tracy said “Leaders think and talk about the solutions, followers think and talk about the problems” When all the others kept a word to the problem, he displays his products as solutions. Now this is ShowBiz!


Credit: Samuel Omane – Mensah

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