Titled The Psalmist Creed, emerging poet Asford Psalms’ weekly poetry column consists selected poems from his yet-to-be-released debut collection.

Here is Mirror:


I look in the mirror and I see my reflection.

Once ago, I asked it a simple question.

Left or right?

Which is the best direction?

He looked back at me;  straight in the eyes and answered.

My left is your right and my right is your left.

He told me the direction I seek is from my own inflection of intuitions.

He said that the world I beseech is from my own imagination and how I want them to come through in realization.

I only wanted an answer but he gave me a puzzle.

He told me that for my answer, I need not be in a hustle.

But the simple words he used made me struggle to find meaning out of the jumble.

He might have shouted, he might have mumbled but his response was clear and humble.


He told me, “I can show you how naked you were when you first came here” and, “I will show you how naked you will be when you are only remembered with a song.”

He said-

I can show you the world but I can’t take you to it.

For when I step close, you will show me and when I step back, you will do the same too.


He said things that really tickled my interest.

He said;

When you smile at me, I’ll make sure everything you see seem bright and smile back at you.

But when you frown on me, it’s just negative energy and I will release the worst on you.


He said-

I have seen you rehearse.

I have seen you depressed.

I have seen you relaxed.

And I have seen you at your intense.

He said-

I have seen you in pain.

I have seen you; disdain.

I have seen you with veins.

And I have really seen you; blow out in flames.


He said-

He has seen me metamorphose.

He has seen me pick off out of my flaws.

He has seen me grow.

And he has even seen my soul.


He said-

I have seen you wonder.

I have seen you ponder.

I have seen you think till asunder.

But I have seen you pull it all together.


He said-

I have seen you happy.

I have seen you grouchy.

I have seen you sappy.

And I have seen you rowdy.


He said-

I have seen you succeed.

I have seen you reek of defeat.

I have seen you displeased.

And I have seen you win back with ease.


He said-

I have seen your face.

And I have seen your back.

I have seen the truth in your eyes.

And I have seen you tell the lies from your mind.

I have seen you rise above all.

And I have seen you fall.

I have seen your past in time.

And I will see your present; to night.

I will see your future to come

And likely; your forever more.


There was one thing he said on point.

And he really did without disjoint.

He said-

I have seen your entirety.

And no one knows you more than your reflective me.


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