“I would like to be remembered as the journalist who could not be compromised nor bribed.” – Manasseh Azure Awuni.

He is widely acknowledged for his strong disregard for corruption in the country. This is a young man who came out from nothing to something and has now become the major voice for the many voiceless people who are petrified to speak out on certain alarming issues especially regarding corruption in the nation.

The outspoken Manasseh has been working as a journalist since 2010 after he graduated from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). He embraced full time journalism in November 2011 at Joy Fm, a subsidiary of the Multimedia Group of companies.  Back at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), he started writing about politics and also regularly contributed to GBC radio’s News commentary.  In 2009, Manasseh discovered online websites where he extended his gift of writing; also in the same year he began writing for the Daily Graphic.

When asked about the motivation behind the idea of writing about politics he answered “I am very passionate about what happens in the country and its political decisions. I get angry when certain lies are told and also when people are not bold enough to call a spade a spade. Sometimes I listen to the radio and you feel that this is what should be told to a parliamentary candidate, president or even presidential candidates yet, we as a people are extremely diplomatic and shun away from actual facts. This gets me furious hence sparks my blunt writings on politics.”

Obviously aware of the dangers surrounding his line of journalism, Manasseh continues to seek first the interest of the nation above everything else. In his exact words, “I always look beyond my personal interests because if I cared so much about myself I wouldn’t have started what I’m doing in any way. I also have the conviction that God is the ultimate protector of man and so if he does not permit any one to hurt me, no one can.”

The outspoken Manasseh was born in Bongo in the upper East region of Ghana in 1985 but later in 1990, he moved with his family to join his father who was and still is a night watchman in Kete-Krachi. He grew up under extremely difficult conditions from his childhood. His father used to work at the Bolgatanga meat factory as a labourer, after the factory collapsed, his father moved first to Kete-Krachi in the northern part of the Volta region to work again a labourer on people’s farms. Manasseh’s father would only go back home to provide his family with food obtained from the little amount of money he had made and would then return to Kete-Krachi to continue with his work.

While at Krachi, Manasseh attended Kete local Authority primary school and later had his junior secondary education at Henkel memorial junior high and later rounded it all up with his senior high education at the Kete-Krachi senior high school. His desire to move out of kete-krachi to pursue his senior high education did not suffice because there were no available funds from his father to support him. After his senior high education, he secured a temporal job as a caretaker at the GES guest house for two (2) years after he failed to gain admission into the university of cape coast. He re-applied again in 2006 and gained admission to study at the Ghana Institute of journalism (GIJ). Even at the GES guest house, Manasseh was already writing short stories and features on the company’s website which caught the attention of the Public Relations Officer of the GES.

When asked what he would change if he was given the chance to back into the past, he said “I would only change my negative thought pattern and also how I constantly looked down on myself. I always wondered if I would ever be successful because I allowed my then pitiful situation and surroundings take control of me rather than seeing it as part of God’s plan and His way of preparing me for a greater tomorrow.”

Speaking on the current administration of Ghana, he believes that the current president, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo can govern the nation differently and curb corruption if only he chooses to. When asked how he felt about the past governmental administration he boldly answered, “if I was asked to give a word to describe the previous administration of the nation, it would be ‘failure’; if I am to add another word, it would be ‘corruption’, if I am permitted to add a third one, it would be ‘mediocrity’. All of these things I have mentioned go hand-in-hand, the government left us with a shaky economy which was very evident because the IMF had to be dragged in to our aid. I knew some private entrepreneurs who were getting ready to shut down their businesses and begin to work for others. The president had all the time and opportunity to make certain bold decisions but unfortunately he couldn’t. I have written about my disappointment in the Mahama administration many times and I will boldly state again that it was not impressive. Should the current government go way-war, I would definitely express my views and opinions again.”

Manasseh Azure Awuni tied the knot last year in a simple but star studded wedding ceremony.

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By: Nana Yaa Asabea

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