While Kwabena Kwabena is revered in the country and beyond for his enormous contribution to the love stories of many through his songs, it appears that he himself has hardly found success in that regard.

Several reports which have littered online portals and social media suggest that he may be headed for a second divorce. For the past 7 years, he has been married to Abena Owusuaa, his second wife, but that union too appears to have steadily broken down as far back as September last year due to allegations of infidelity.

In 2009, the Dadie Anomia singer faced similar challenges in his first marriage with Esther, which eventually led to the dissolution of that union. Kwabena Kwabena has remained tight-lipped about the whole saga, stressing in a recent interview that his private life was never up for discussion in public circles.

Born George Kwabena Adu, Kwabena Kwabena first broke into the industry lending vocals on Da’ Hammer’s Sound of Our Time compilation album, and with his first major single ASOR (ft. Kontihene). He has gone on to record endless hits over he years, and distinguished himself as among the country’s most respected contemporary highlife singers.


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