It’s time to hold the Black Stars accountable, while cheering them on to conquer Africa.

First things first. No matter how disgruntled about the Brazil fiasco, which saw the government airlift $3m dollars to the Stars, and put Ghana on the map to worldwide ridicule, it’s time to move on.

At the end of the day we don’t want to end up like the nagging wife who just sees the bad and never the good.

That was a system error, but the painful truth is that these matters have still not been resolved.  We have shoved them under the carpet, and one day it will rear its ugly head again. But let’s hold that for another day, and head back to the subject matter.

In the words of Drake in his song “Lord knows” he used a line I  can easily identify with: ‘’It is time somebody paid up’ ’, I think it’s time the Black Stars paid up. Ever since 2006 when football in Ghana took a whole new dimension with fat paychecks for our gallant ‘stars’, we are still waiting to end the over 35 year wait for an AFCON title.

The near misses have been painful. It’s always so close but yet too far;  as we saw in 2010 and 2015. Like parents who expend a lot on their children, a sense of frustration looms on the heads of many Ghanaians: that after all the cash and pampering, the ‘boys are failing to deliver. It doesn’t make matters any better when there is a perceived notion that the players are just after the money but aren’t really ready to ‘die for the nation’.

Football is a business, not a charity affair and its high time we treat is as such. We need to find the fine line between reasonable bonuses and excessive pampering. And we must put structures in place to ensure that our players would be rewarded massively when they win laurels and I’m not talking bronze or silver. It should be all or very little, let’s stop rewarding mediocrity: celebrating 2nd  place as 1st  is recipe for disaster.

It’s high time we push our boys to know that semi-final berths, 2 or 3rd place is not good enough.

It is really time to conquer Africa in Gabon and bring the cup on February 5.

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