Successful actress/writer/producer Lydia Forson has lauded what she says was the unifying and powerful speech delivered by President elect of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo.

In separate posts on the micro blogging site Twitter, and photo/video sharing site Instagram, Miss Forson called on all to support the incoming President, as that was the only way Ghana can move on from the divisiveness that has charactrized its body politics lately.





While congratulating Ghana’s next President, she also spoke about the freedom she enjoyed as an objective person who spoke her mind freely on issues under the rule of outgoing President John Mahama. She’s remained critical of both sides of the political divide.

“We’re all biased to a degree and anyone who says they aren’t is a liar, but what separates us is our ability to look beyond our sentiments and be objective about issues,” she’s said.

Miss Forson’s point on free speech is profound as, for many who were too young to remember, it was nearly impossible years ago for individuals to express themselves about a ruling party without being jailed or made to pay for it.

It also spoke volumes about her appreciation of freedom of the press that Ghana as a country continues to enjoy; she has in the past been able to criticize the government, and although she was attacked for some of the things she said, the fact that the state’s laws protected her right to speak, puts the issue into perspective.

Lydia Forson (born 1984) is an award winning Ghanaian actress, writer, and producer. In 2010, she won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Her acting career started with a cameo role in Hotel St. James (2005), an subsequently did Run Baby Run (2006), Different Shades of Blue (2007) and also took part in the reality show The Next Movie Star (2007).

Shirley Frimpong Manso, CEO of Sparrow Productions, who had previously worked with her in the Ghanaian television series Different Shades of Blue brought Lydia Forson back to the screens through the movie Scorned.  This role led to her first African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) nomination as the Best Upcoming Female Actress.

In 2009, Lydia Forson starred in the award winning The Perfect Picture.  She has also starred in A Sting in a Tale, Phone Swap and Masquerades.

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