We wish to bring to the attention of the discerning reading public the unfortunate lies and misinformation by one ‘Chopper’, who operates in the name of Ghanaian-UK based musician Atumpan, and his resolve to malign the brand of one of Accra’s top DJs, Mr Shark.

In an interview with Sammy Flex on Pluzz FM on Tuesday 29th November 2016, which was broadcast in Accra and across the globe via the internet with numerous discussions on social media, the said Chopper alleged among other falsities that Mr Shark collected an amount of GHC 100 (hundred Ghana cedis; equivalent to $ 23.12) as payola to play his song.  Chopper further questioned our integrity and raised serious ethical concerns with our professionalism by insisting that Mr Shark refused to play the song after the alleged payola was paid.

We find these allegations as wild, unfounded; and clearly nothing but a pool of dishonesty calculated to create unnecessary controversy in a quest to damage our hard earned reputation.


Setting the Record Straight

The said ‘Chopper’ approached our client (Mr Shark) to help review his song and advise if the song was good for airplay.  Mr Chopper therefore, persistently and willingly offered the amount in question to our client with the sole purpose to analyzing and recommendations, which Mr Shark gladly did.

Unfortunately because the song was not good per Mr Shark’s expertise and for the fact that it did not meet the requirement of the station to be included in their playlist to be played on air, Chopper became bitter.

With service fully provided and suggestions made, the said Mr Chopper insisted Mr Shark forgoes his professional standards to smuggle the song into the playlist of the radio station even though the song failed to meet the station’s requirements.

In line with this and the fact that Mr Shark values his professional policies and that of his employers, he refunded, fully the amount to Mr Chopper.

We however find it appalling and in seeking a way out of his mundane and humdrum for Chopper to come on public radio to make such bad and capricious allegations.

Our client has worked hard and earned his place in Ghana’s foremost media landscape with several award recognitions, and therefore will not tolerate such baseless and incongruous allegations geared at ruining his brand.



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