The Ignite Series produced by education not for profit, Aim Higher Africa is an edutainment program with a focus on sharing tips to success by young entrepreneurs from across Africa. Aim Higher Africa aims to inspire a new generation of young entrepreneurs to create businesses that enrich their local communities by providing a medium where peer-to-peer learning takes place. This episode features Gozie Coker, founder Coker Creative.

The world of the creative is not a simple one. The battle between your ideas and the ideas of your clients can go on for a while and with each experience being different and unique, you need to stay on top of your game to make sure you deliver on every single project. For Gozie Coker, this is the world she lives in. Coker Creative is a Boutique Experience company, specializing in designing experiences for its clients handling everything from concept to reality and delivering a fully customized, stress-free and personalized service.

Watch now as she shares her secrets to success.



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