On Saturday, October 29, rap star and activist X.O Senavoe, with the help of various health organizations and individuals, organized a very well-attended and hugely successful Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and Free Screening for the general public in Accra. Under the theme “Breast Cancer – Let’s Fight Together!”, the event saw several hundred people take to the streets with song and dance to spread awareness on Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Ghana, with almost 3,000 diagnosed annually.

“Beating breast cancer has always been a passion of mine,” said the award-winning artist who shot to fame with his debut recording, Taxi Music. “This year has been very eventful and has emphasised my knowledge of the fact that the most important things are God’s love and our love for Him and humanity. I have decided to use the rest of my life, whatever God gives me, to fight for the rights of others, beginning with this.”

The walk, which took place on the major streets of Accra, began from Westlands and ended at the Haatso Yam Market. At the market, the general public was given free health screening by nurses from neighboring hospitals and supporting medical personnel.

Speaking to the gathering, X.O Senavoe said: “We have taken the first step in a long journey today. This is a journey that begins with us, out here, marching, educating and spreading the word about breast cancer. It’s a small and modest start that I hope and know will grow to save many lives through early detection, education, and empowering women especially and men to beat the disease, and any stigma that comes with it, as we all work together.”

X.O Senavoe, who lost his mother to breast cancer, added that throughout the year, there will be more free screening, educational and fund-raising events, and donations will go to support hospital wards and individuals affected by breast cancer.

“My focus is on early detection, and education about the deadly disease, as well as support for those who have unfortunately been afflicted by it”, he added. “And I ask all Ghanaians today to join us in this fight!”

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