At an age of information explosion, people like their news hot and serviced precisely in the tone and manner that can relate to. The 1001 pieces of pictures, videos and written content that is thrown at people in the digital space is enormous and therefore for news to work, it has to be in the right voice, a relatable tone without forgetting the facts of the issues being discussed.

And that is what Kuulpeeps News seeks to do. It is a simplified news that comes in pidgin and comes with a presenter who knows his business and understands his audience. For the past week or two, the guys at Kuulpeeps have devised a mechanism that allows for the audience to share in the topics that get discussed or dished out while finding things they never knew existed in the simplest form.

Hosted by Electro Mirror, the social media designed show plays to the insight that the millennial of today who are the main targets of the show don’t get their news and information from the conventional news channels. As hard and uninteresting as some millennials can find politics, Kuulpeeps News has found a way to bring some excitement to politics while maintaining the facts of each issue discussed.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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