The Ignite Series produced by education not for profit, Aim Higher Africa is an edutainment program with a focus on sharing tips to success by young entrepreneurs from across Africa. Aim Higher Africa aims to inspire a new generation of young entrepreneurs to create businesses that enrich their local communities by providing a medium where peer-to-peer learning takes place. This episode features Denning Edem Hotor, popularly known by his stage name Edem.

Navigating the competitive music landscape in Africa can be an arduous task, something award winning rapper and Founder of Volta Regime Music Group (VRMG) Edem knows a thing or two about. From humble beginnings, the young music mogul has managed to carve out a niche for himself by being the most prominent and successful musician to rap in the Ewe local dialect in Ghana and in the process, creating a label that empowers young musicians to also achieve success in the music business.

Watch now as he shares his secrets to success:



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