Prior to hosting Trace Radio on LIVE FM, DJ Isaac Cool and Vanessa Gyan had never worked together.

The chemistry between the two, however has led to the show being more than just another slot on the Adabraka-based station. The 30-minute programme has become one that listeners of the show look forward to every weekday.

 “It’s amazing. He knows a lot about his music, I know a lot about music, and we put both our music brains together and we create a baby each and every day. And I love the fact that we vibe every well together,” says Gyan on the chemistry between her and Cool.

“And we also advice each other like ‘oh maybe we should try this’ so we work very well together and I’m not surprised cos DJ Isaac Cool, he is one of the coolest so the vibes are positive.”

Cool adds: “She is the person that listens, and that’s what I love most about her. She is a good character, and we get along really well.”


Antoine Mensah, Programmes Manager of LIVE FM corroborates the chemistry between the pair that has them winning on all fronts (on radio and online).

“I think it will be based on music. Isaac does the show a lot of good with his impressive music score. Vanessa is always ready to learn so there is a nice give and take from both ends,” explains Mensah.

 “And it’s a great experience for Vanessa as well because it’s her first time running her very own show which is Trace Radio so Isaac Cool having the experience that he has as well, he is teaching her and at the same time she is learning and you can feel that vibe on air as well.”

Trace Radio is a collaborative effort between TRACE, a leading lifestyle and entertainment media organization with four channels broadcast in over 150 countries and EIB Network, Africa’s leading media brand with interests in radio, Television, print and digital media.

The deal sees the two bodies tapping into each other’s existing strengths to provide compelling content that appeals to today’s millennial.

Mensah revealed that LIVE FM decides content for the programme on Wednesdays (Trace Request Wednesdays) because of the station’s #GHMusicWednesdays (an initiative introduced by the station in August this year where only Ghanaian music is played on air for 24 hours).

He also speaks about the impact the show has made so far.

“Looking at the impact on Social Media. Vanessa Gyan being on air, the following she has, the following she’s been able to garner and people listening to the variety of songs all across Africa. I think it brings a breath of fresh air. It’s 30 minutes of a jam-packed show, and we really don’t have anything like that on radio in Ghana right now that’s 30 minutes so it’s made its impact entertainment wise. It adds something more to our programming line-up especially in the early afternoons.”


Isaac Cool, who is also the ‘resident’ DJ for TouchDown and Jam Afrique on LIVE FM describes Dj’ing for Trace Radio as “a whole new experience because you are getting connected to the other side of Africa to get to know their good side of music. It’s a good experience that makes you feel you are doing something different to add impact to the listeners out there who listen to the program.

Seeing how impactful the show has been so far, Gyan speaks on what the overall goal of the show is, “The goal of Trace Radio is for us to continue to make sure that African music is recognized worldwide especially with a platform such as LIVE FM where people can stream us worldwide and we do get streams from all across the world.”

She adds that there will be a change in the show’s content and variables in the coming weeks.

“The past few weeks, we’ve been focusing more on Ghana and Nigeria but in the upcoming weeks, we are taking on the whole of Africa, and I can’t wait for people to hear the different sounds from different parts of Africa. It’s all about recognizing African music for what it is.”

Make a date with Vanessa Gyan and DJ Isaac Cool every weekday on LIVE 91.9 FM between 2:30 and 3pm.

Connect with them on Social Media: Vanessa Gyan – on Twitter and Instagram – @Vanessa_Gyan

DJ Isaac Cool – on Twitter and Instagram – @djisaaccool

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