It’s that time of the year again when there is so much excitement and activities to wrap up the year. This is a time many of us look forward to something new, fresh and exciting.

It’s the era of the Creators. Those breaking new grounds, disrupting the status-quo and defining new paths.

The good news is something huge is coming to town and just in time. Accra is about to welcome a new Neighbour! A neighbour to harness tomorrow’s most exciting cultural creators who steal, bend and manipulate collective memory to craft new ideas and to create their own future.

This is not your average neighbor, it’s a different one. Your only neighbour and a neighbour to all of Accra.

Get ready for a spark of creativity, originality and style. As your new Neighbour puts you in touch with your creative side and calls the Creator in you to the fore.

Be a part of this wave of the new, sign up here for a chance to get an invite.

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