From registering to casting the first ballot, becoming a first-time voter is a process. But often times, young voters are clueless about the voting procedure, and their electoral rights.
Which is why the Electoral Commission of Ghana’s decision to begin an educational series on GTV dubbed, “Ask the EC” has been lauded.
The programme, created to serve as a platform for the public to seek answers to issues bothering their minds on this year’s general election, represents a good opportunity for first time voters to understand how voting works and the steps it takes to become an informed voter.
Chairperson of the EC, Mrs Charlotte Osei, who announced this ingenuity earlier this year, expressed hope that the programme would help first time voters know more about the Electoral Commission and how it operates, as well as sensitize them to their civic rights and responsibilities.
Project Lead for the First Time Voters Project, Sandra Ankobiah, has added that this resourcefulness is important seeing as it will give first time voters an understanding of Ghana’s election laws, voting procedure, possible violations during elections and legal responsibility for those violations.
The astute lawyer, who will be anchoring today’s “Ask the EC” show on GTV at 8.30pm, outlined that such an initiative was needed to help first time voters to effectively participate in the election.!
“The importance of voter and civic education during an election year cannot be overstated. Such an initiative will assist first time voters in better understanding their rights and responsibilities, as well as giving them sufficient knowledge about the country’s election process and political system,” Sandra said.
“First time voters can then understand the value of democracy, the impact it has on the system of government, and how it can be used to address the economic, social and political challenges facing the nation,” she added.

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