Blooming Africa led by Edyth Schandorf together with Chale Foundation will on 30th September provide free medical screening for the kids of Dzorwulu Special School.


The event is part of Blooming Africa’s initiative to put smiles on the faces of these special kids by making sure they are healthy in every medical way possible.

According to Edyth Schandorf, her team Blooming Africa that is into Crowd sourcing for projects thought it wise to partner with Chale Foundation to cater for eyesight screening for all children and staff of the Dzorwulu Special School.

The kids of Dzorwulu special school are also entitled to better medical health care like every one hence its just in order that Blooming Africa and Chale Foundation took this initiative.

Blooming Africa as a foundation has been embarking on charity works for sometime now and this is goes to prove their care and love for what they do as a foundation.

Edyth opined that the team is ready to carry out a successful screening on Friday from 12-5pm for these special kids. “As special as they are, we bringing top class medical personal who are good with the eyes to treat them with a special attention”, she mentioned.

For those out there who love to support by way of volunteering for such projects, Blooming Africa doors are always opened especially for 30th September, she noted.



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