Mr. Alexander Kwame Archine is the Managing Director of Oak Financial service who doubles up as a lecturer at the University of Diplomatic Practice and development policy, now Nyansapo College.

He is a strong and passionate educationist whose interests lie in developing the capabilities of the youth. He believes in the saying that, “education is the key to success.”

He was born and bred in Accra, kokomlemle to be precise. He schooled at Boateng memorial in Accra, passed his common entrance and gained admission into Kaneshie secondary Technical school which he now refers to as ‘Aboa a onni dua school’. He had his sixth form at Accra Academy then to the University of Ghana for his Bachelors Degree and at the same University, he had his Masters’ Degree and finally to The University of Phoenix in Arizona, USA for his PHD.


Looking back at his journey to becoming the MD of a reputable firm today, he stated, “the struggles of life are inevitable and I am glad to have gone through all I did. There are solid reasons why we suffer in life; not to kill or discourage us but to prepare us for the greater good and without them; we would not have the solid grounds we need to establish ourselves. My upbringing was not smooth at all, it was rough, tough and harsh but I thought there was no out but today, here I am telling my story. I remember when I used to live with my grandmother here in Accra; I had to toil day and night to make ends meet. I have sold virtually everything before, I have sold popcorn, Ice cream, charcoal and corn dough, and in fact I have sold any foodstuff you could think of. My teaching skills came to light when I was in my third year in the senior school; there I realized that my passion for teaching was stronger than anything I was involved in. so whiles I was in school, I was still making money on the side from teaching my colleagues in school. I wrote my first book which was the pamphlet I used in teaching at the same period which was Archimos guide to English. I would travel long distances to sell my books to other students especially in the Ashanti region and as a matter of fact it wasn’t easy.”

Mr. Archine has worked with the Ghana commercial bank, and then moved on to work with the trust bank and now he is currently the MD of Oak Financial services. He also has a new school on International relations and Diplomacy starting this month called ‘Nyansapo College’, where he is the dean of students. The school whose inaugural ceremony is on Friday, the 23rd of September is set to train diplomats and mentor them properly in the field of international relations. The vision of the school is to enhance the capacity of Ambassadors and officials who represents the continent and other institutions at international forums. The school’s governance board is headed by Ambassador James Victor Gbeho, Dr. Mrs. Chinery-Hesse and Ambassador Nana Bema Kumi. At the institute, Mr. Archine is the Dean of Academic Programs and Students Affairs. Admission to Nyansapo College is on the 26th of September 2016.

He indeed made some very insightful statements in my interview with him. Listen to the audio below for the full interview on how the charcoal seller got to wear a white shirt.

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