The First Time Voters Project, an educative initiative which aims to raise meaningful participation of the youth in Ghana’s political processes, kicked off at the All Nations University College in Koforidua yesterday.

The project, is an initiative of Sandra Ankobiah who is a TV Host and has recently co- founded a Media Training Facility in Accra, SN Media Learning Tree. Sandra, who is also a Lawyer, has tasked herself to educate first time voters whilst motivating their involvement and addressing the decline in their political and electoral participation.
Speaking to the gathered students at the auditorium of the All Nations University, Sandra Ankobiah outlined that the project seeks to advocate for meaningful young people’s participation that will put forward the electoral and political reforms necessary for democratisation and social inclusion of the youth as a means to address the generation’s continuing apathy and alienation to political processes.

“The First Time Voters Project envisions an informed critical young electorate who actively participate in Ghana’s political processes geared towards alternative politics and transformative governance” Sandra said.
“We believe that first time voters have their capacity to significantly contribute as well as shape up the future of this country by its greater involvement in the election process,” she added.

Guest Speaker of the event, Albert Arhin, National Coordinator of the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO), and former Director of Operations at the Electoral Commission explained that such a project was a great initiative which will address the decline in young people’s political and electoral participation. “Previous elections and the current traditional political landscape gives the basis to be proactive in encouraging first time voters to participate and not allow themselves be muted in the electoral exercise that is very crucial in the coming months,” he said.
“We should encourage the first time voters to take part in the process of developing their generation as active electorates who exercises their rights to suffrage and maximise youthful and critical tools in determining the fate of their country and its future,” he added.
According to Sandra, the First Time Voters project is a continuing process of developing a new generation of electorate who exercise their right to suffrage and maximise potent tools in determining the fate of the country and their future vis-à-vis maintaining an atmosphere of active involvement.



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