The innovative initiative by e.TV Ghana to annually dedicate the month of September to the promotion of Made in Ghana goods and services has been highly commended by the Deputy Trade and Industry Minister, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, during the official launch of the ‘e.TV Made in Ghana’ month.

The launch which took place at the studios of ETV, Asylum Down was also graced by the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

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“ETV Ghana is the only station in Ghana that dedicates one whole month of airtime to extensively promote the use of local products and they must be commended for being patriotic. I want to assure that Government will do its best to support the station in this very important campaign they are embarking on,” the deputy Minister said.

According to the Deputy Trade Minister, Government in 2015 established a committee made of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GPIC) and other major stakeholders in the industry who are supposed to devise practicable strategies to help intensify the country’s made in Ghana campaign.

He continued that various interventions by government has led to the increase in the production and consumption of local rice to 60%, adding that some local pharmaceutical companies have also been supported by government to produce drugs locally.

He urged Ghanaians to give meaning to the Made in Ghana campaign by patronizing more local goods and services.

Speaking at the launch, the Deputy Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Minister, Dzifa Abla Gomashie, said her ministry has collaborated with other organizations to promote domestic tourism by way of traveling to other parts of the country to appreciate what we have as a country.

She said Homofest was added to the celebration of festivals by her ministry and it is geared towards the promotion of festivals as a tourism event in the country.

She added that until we accept and see the need to promote our local events the ‘Made in Ghana’ interventions by government and organizations like e.TV Ghana will not positively impact the economy and our lives.

To give true meaning to its resolve to give voice to ‘Made in Ghana’ products, e.TV is dedicating this week to the promotion of Ghanaian dishes. The public will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare their favourite local delicacies on e.TV Ghana.

September will also witness series of on-air activities like the showcasing of Ghanaian movies and music, indigenous games and the promotion of local fabrics, clothes, etc.

For more information, check out or the e.TV Ghana Facebook page.



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