Ko-jo Cue will perform live at the Alliance Française Accra Amphitheatre. This young and talented musician is passionate about his music and has therefore titled this concert “ Cue for President”. It is going to be a night of good performance and sweet sounds fused with quality Highlife and Hiphop touch. You like good music and very much into lyrics and rhythm? Then Mr. Cue who is vying for President this night will share with you a manifesto of well scripted lines specially prepared for his fans who are as well family.

Alliance Française Accra is the place to be on Saturday the 3rd of September,2016. All roads lead to this special site for a well-cooked meal packaged in lyrics put on the trays of well-produced beats for your consumption. The Oseikrom President is taking the show to the Capital to steal the hearts of supporters of all ages. His music is nice, clear and punchline laced. Ko-Jo Cue has already planned his cabinet, with his well-known contemporaries, also taking the stage to endorse him and endear the public to vote for him. “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream for the world, Malcolm X had a plan for the black man, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had a vision for Africa, I have songs. Songs about a future for Ghana. A future filled with rational, forward-thinking human beings.” said Ko-Jo Cue.

The New school crew is ready with fresh energy, swag and creative workpieces coined from a matured perpective to serve the newschool jammers. Get ready and come with your ears and eyes to witness and be impressed with an ecstatic performance prepared for all lovers of music. It will be a night of fan and you will surely be moved to dance. The concert takes place on Saturday 3rd September, 2016 at Alliance Française Accra Amphitheatre at 8:00pm. So get your dancing shoes ready and of course he will win your heart to get your vote. Ko-jo Cue for President!!!



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