Actor John Dumelo has regularly been involved in philanthropy work via his John Dumelo foundation.
The latest in that line is a collaboration with the United Nation’s Population Fund (UNFPA) and Ministry of Health (MOH) for the “STOP OBSTETRICS FISTULA” campaign.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) describes the condition as a “disease of poverty” describing it as,

“A childbirth injury that has been largely neglected, despite the devastating impact it has on the lives of affected girls and women. It is usually caused by prolonged, obstructed labour, without timely medical intervention—typically an emergency Caesarean section. During unassisted, prolonged, obstructed labour, the sustained pressure of the baby’s head on the mother’s pelvic bone damages soft tissues, creating a hole—or fistula—between the vagina and the bladder and/or rectum. The pressure deprives blood flow to the tissue, leading to necrosis. Eventually, the dead tissue comes away, leaving a fistula, which causes a constant leaking of urine and/or faeces through the vagina.”


The condition, which causes serious physical and psychological trauma, can be fixed through surgery, and Dumelo’s getting on board is to help raise funds to help eliminate it altogether. The launch/ endorsement event comes off Kempinski Hotel, Accra on August 11.

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