Reggae singer Borax (born Nathaniel Larbie) has admitted to occasional drug use and excessive drinking in the past. While he claims to have overcome it, he says it is the reason to his loss of focus in a fast-rising career.

“I hardly do it but I was doing it. I was drinking and women were all over because at that time a young boy with that big fame, women were all over from USA, Germany, UK and here in Ghana it’s just a lot. Yes I did drugs but to me it wasn’t that serious…” he revealed on Accra-based Hitz FM Thursday.

Borax gained wide appeal with his  single, ‘Asie ho’ , which features highlife maestroDaddy Lumba, and in 2008,was nominated for Reggae Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards for his inspirational Tene Wonsa.

Borax is currently working on a comeback following a long hiatus with his recent single Mr Politician. Listen here:


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