Celebrated Ghanaian actor Kofi Adjorlolo is set to marry for the third time December this year to Victoria Lebene Mekpah, whom he has courted for close to two years.

While Victoria is about forty years his junior (she’s in her late twenties), she has revealed to the Graphic Showbiz in a recent interview that their age difference is hardly a challenge:

“Age has never been an issue and that is the message we want to send across. We want to let people know and understand that love knows no boundaries and age is just a number,”

Victoria also indicates that their acquaintance has helped her professionally as she too is into acting, starring in such films as Ultimate Story, Trapped in a Cage, The Storm and After the Sunset.

Kofi Adjorlolo has starred in many Ghanaian and Nigerian films, perhaps best known for his roles in The Will 2(2013), The Will (2013) and End of the Will 2(2013).


–Gabriel Myers Hansen/ENEWSGH

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