It appears Shatta Wale’s July 6 concert which he appeared to have called off because of a possible standoff with Hiplife group VVIP was not called off after all. A new poster put up by the dancehall singer suggests that the show was only postponed.

The new show, dubbed “SM Sanlah Remix” will take place July 23 on the Nima Highway.


Shatta Wale was set to mount a rival stage during VVIP’s annual Sallafest July 6, something which inspired anger from Prodigal as he took to his Facebook page to vent. And though Shatta Wale called of his gig, he didn’t take the comments lightly, and returned the fire on his page.

In a recent interview with Live FM’s Vanessa Gyan though, Reggie Rockstone, one half of VVIP assures that he has overseen a truce between Shatta Wale and Prodigal.


–Gabriel Myers Hansen/ ENEWSGH

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