Ace broadcaster Anita Erskine has, via a Facebook post Friday July 8, revealed how her whole journey as a media practitioner began.

In the inspirational submission, alongside photos of her in the Starr FM studios overlooking the famous Pyramid House, she recounts how as a 17 year old, she was firm in her ambition to be a leader in the media space, praying to God to help her guard it.

Anita stands face -to-face with the beginning of what has turned out to be a sterling career

She admits that her first internship opportunity, which took place at the Pyramid House, for Metro TV, widened her perspective and exposed her to diverse opportunities.

19 years on, she’s among other things, co-host of drive time show Starr Drive, as well as head of Anita Erskine Media.

Pyramid House

She charges in her post, for all to be resolute in their vision and not let anything stop them. Read the full post below:

“See this building? It’s called Pyramid House. Exactly 19 years ago today July 8 1997 I walked here from Airport Residential Area. I could have come here by car, but I left home to grab a taxi to Circle. As I left home, I was rehearsing what I would say in the interview. I had an internship interview as a production assistant at Metro TV. I was 17 years old. I ended up walking all the way because I was so caught up in my thoughts and rehearsing my lines. I remember what I was going to say. It was ‘Hello good afternoon. I’m Anita Erskine and I aspire to lead the Broadcasting Industry’. The person I met that day and indeed did deliver these lines to, chuckled a little bit. I never asked why. But I was given the Internship and that’s the only thing I needed. I had decided what I would do with it. That internship opened my eyes and ears and gave me opportunities in television. Today, Pyramid House is in plain sight from where I sit everyday when I’m on the Starr Drive on Starr FM. When I come in to the studio, the first thing I do is go to the window. This is where I pray. I ask God to help me to maintain my humility always and never fear to fight for what I believe in. I ask Him to give me just enough fire to keep my dreams burning in my heart! It’s gets tougher as I climb higher and dream bigger. Ironically, Pyramid House didn’t have an elevator so I had to walk up a flight of stairs everyday! Meridian House doesn’t have an elevator either! I have to climb up a flight of stairs here too! What does it mean? I’ve still got stairs and ladders to climb. The higher I go, the more stairs I have to climb. And that’s so ok! You have a Dream? Chase it. And when you feel you’re slipping because you’re tired, tell yourself to keep fighting. Why? Because the ‪#‎BossLady says so! Do you know how many people said both my face and at my back that I wouldn’t make it, or that I was done?And in all this God keeps bringing me more opportunities! ‪#‎ConfirmedGoingGlobal! Watch this space. Most importantly, ‪#‎Believe!”


 –Gabriel Myers Hansen/ ENEWSGH

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