The Multimedia Broadcasting Company Limited, owners of Accra-based JOY FM has suspended its morning show host Kojo Yankson, can say.

This website can additionally report that the suspension takes effect June 27 and it is without pay. Mr Yankson is expected back on air July 17.

The decision was reached by management as a punitive measure for what they say was his “conduct on the Super Morning Show on Thursday June 23, 2016 which was not in the best interest of the company – its reputation and audience.”

In a June 23 incident, Mr. Yankson is said to have attacked the person of Ghana’s president John Mahama in a manner that got him apologizing – subsequently.

In a Facebook post hours after the supposed gaffe, he said:

“This morning in the handover with Pastor Ato before the start of the Super Morning Show, I made a joke that has received some attention on social media.

“In referring to the recent media attention over the President riding a motorcycle, receiving a car, and owning a gun, I joked that armed robbers could also get media attention for similar reasons.

“Some Ghanaians have taken offence to this comment, and this is entirely my fault. As a communicator, I ought to understand that people react differently to information, and jokes about any divisive issue – even when told without malice – will not go down well with everyone.

“For this reason, I would like to apologise without reservation to any of our listeners – including the President himself – who may have found my joke distasteful. My comments were not aimed at offending any of you, and it makes me so sad that i have unintentionally done so.

“I would not be where I am today if I was incapable of learning from my mistakes, and this morning’s joke was a mistake. I have learnt from it. This experience will make me better, and that’s good for all of us.

“I will repeat this apology on air tomorrow morning at 05:50am, just before the start of the Super Morning Show.

“Thank you all for your tolerance and understanding.”

Yankson joined JOY FM in April 2014. This website broke the news first two years ago. READ HERE


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