As part of the rebranding efforts of Ghana’s most trusted name in maritime, Redsea Maritime has employed some of the most innovative and interesting aspects of their business to define the company’s new direction.

The rebranding is a part of the general drive to improving services, increase growth and maintain the international standards that have made them the go-to name when it comes to maritime in Ghana.

For the past 5 years, Redsea has inspired excellence over mediocrity and international standards without compromising on local practices.

The new logo ushers in a positive turn for the company. The aim of the rebranding effort is to deepen the company’s visibility, placing it at the top of the minds of all stakeholders and position it at a commanding height in the maritime sector.

The ‘RISING SUN’ represents a new beginning, a new day, and new opportunities. With a new chapter in the company’s future, the launched introduce importers, exporters and general clients to a new system of operation that will take care of all needs.

With Clients services and satisfaction at the top of the company’s set of mission, visions and values, this chapter will create an eco-system for growth based on solid Ghanaian principles blended with international standards.

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