With league action taking a hiatus for the internationals break, the football continues on the World of Champions with over 30 key fixtures which include Afcon 2017 and 2018 World Cup qualifiers and other high profile friendlies.

Over the next seven days, the Afcon qualification campaign will start to take shape with a host of nations in prime position to secure their spots at the Gabon showpiece next year.

SuperSport’s pick of match day three and four action includes the titanic battle between Nigeria and Egypt; South Africa’s do-or-die encounter with Cameroon; Kenya’s run-in with Guinea-Bissau; Zambia’s tussle with Congo for Group E’s top spot; Swaziland’s wrestle with Zimbabwe to lead Group L and Ghana’s quest for early finals qualification at Mozambique’s expense.

In South America, the road to Russia 2018 is surprisingly being led by unfancied Ecuador with the number one ranked team on the continent, Argentina, languishing in sixth, a position which has them missing out on qualification. Five-time world champions Brazil have also had an indifferent start to the qualification campaign and lie in third spot, two points off sixth, a spot which would also see them missing out on the finals. A World Cup without Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr? Now that’s unfathomable.

Match day five and six of the CONMEBOL fixtures are all live on SuperSport.

Italy’s third meeting with Spain since that fateful day almost four years ago in Kiev headlines the high profile friendlies being broadcast on SuperSport. Since the 4-0 humbling at the Euro 2012 final, the Azzuri have acquitted themselves well against La Furia Roja, playing out a nil-all draw and losing 1-0.

Other friendlies include Germany’s 30th meeting with England, as well as Netherlands hosting France. 

Broadcast details


Wed, 23 Mar      Guinea-Bissau vs. Kenya 17h50    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/SS9E/Select

Wed, 23 Mar      Zambia vs. Congo             17h50    SS9

Thurs, 24 Mar     Ghana vs. Mozambique   17h20    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/SS9/Maximo

Fri, 25 Mar          Swaziland vs. Zimbabwe 14h50    SS4HD/SS4/SS9

Fri, 25 Mar          Nigeria vs. Egypt               16h50    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/SS9/Maximo3/Select

Sat, 26 Mar         Cameroon vs. South Africa            16h00    SS4HD/SS4/Maximo2

Sat, 26 Mar         DR Congo vs. Angola       16h20    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo

Sat, 26 Mar         Burkina Faso vs. Uganda 19h50    SS9

Sun, 27 Mar        Mozambique vs. Ghana   14h50    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo360

Sun, 27 Mar        Kenya vs. Guinea-Bissau 14h50    SS4HD/SS4/SS9/Select

Sun, 27 Mar        Congo vs. Zambia             16h20    SS9

Mon, 28 Mar      Zimbabwe vs. Swaziland 14h50    SS4HD/SS4/SS9

Tues, 29 Mar      Uganda vs. Burkina Faso 17h50    SS9

Tues, 29 Mar      Angola vs. DR Congo       17h50    Maximo

Tues, 29 Mar      South Africa vs. Cameroon            18h30    SS4HD/SS4

Tues, 29 Mar      Egypt vs. Nigeria               18h50    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo360/Select


Thurs, 24 Mar     Italy vs. Spain     17h50    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo

Fri, 25 Mar          Netherlands vs. France    21h30    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo

Sat, 26 Mar         Austria vs. Albania            18h30    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo

Sat, 26 Mar         Germany vs. England       20h50    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo

Tues, 29 Mar      Austria vs. Turkey             20h20    SS7HD/SS7/SS7N

Tues, 29 Mar      Germany vs. Italy              20h30    SS5HD/SS5/SS5N/Maximo2

Tues, 29 Mar      England vs. Netherlands 20h55    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo



Thurs, 24 Mar     Bolivia vs. Colombia        21h50    SS5HD/SS5/SS5N/Maximo2

Thurs, 24 Mar     Ecuador vs. Paraguay      22h50    SS4HD/SS4

Fri, 25 Mar          Chile vs. Argentina           01h20    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo

Fri, 25 Mar          Peru vs. Venezuela           04h00    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo

Sat, 26 Mar         Brazil vs. Uruguay             02h35    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo360

Tues, 29 Mar      Colombia vs. Bolivia        22h15    SS4HD/SS4

Wed, 30 Mar      Uruguay vs. Peru              00h45    SS4HD/SS4/Maximo360

Wed, 30 Mar      Argentina vs. Bolivia        01h15    SS5HD/SS5/SS5N/Maximo2

Wed, 30 Mar      Venezuela vs. Chile          01h15    SS7HD/SS7/SS7N

Wed, 30 Mar      Paraguay vs. Brazil           02h30    SS3HD/SS3/SS3N/Maximo


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