After 2 years of investing heavily to improve on customer experience, Mobile Network Operator, Tigo, has unveiled its new brand identity, “Live it, Love it” in Accra.

In July 2014, the telecom operator took a bold decision to become the brand of choice for digital users in Ghana. This required a complete overhaul of its business model, to refocus on growth, long term sustainability and customer satisfaction.

In subsequent months, millions of dollars were then invested in various areas within the business to ensure the company is able to deliver on its ‘Digital Lifestyle Agenda’ promise.

According to the CEO, Roshi Motman, her team has done incredible work to get this far.

“We have invested millions of dollars in building a new stable and reliable network. Our network availability has improved dramatically within 1 year – customers should have an uninterrupted network experience to do whatever they want. We have completely changed our product range and introduced new products which we believe are perfect for today’s digital savvy customer,” she noted.

A customer experience booth at the launch
A customer experience booth at the launch

On the customer service front, she said Tigo, had significantly improved on their service levels from 11 to 80 percent in 1 year – about 80 percent of all calls that come to their new state-of-the-art Call centre are answered within 20 seconds.

She emphasized the new tagline ‘Live it. Love it’ is not just an advertising slogan.

“It’s a new approach and a new direction for us. It reflects our ambition to be the most consumed digital service provider in the country and to make the internet, and all the amazing features it comes with, a way of life for Ghanaians.”

On Tigo’s forward look, she said the company will focus on a range of products and services that will deliver more value to customers through data, Tigo Business and Mobile Financial Service (MFS).


About Tigo

Tigo started operations in Ghana in 1992 as the first Mobile Network Operator. It is part of Millicom International Cellular (MIC) which provides mobile, voice, data, cable television, broadband and financial services to over 50 million customers in 13 emerging markets in Africa and Latin America.

In Ghana it was launched under the name Mobitel and has since been operating for 24 years with a current subscriber base of over 5 million subscribers, representing 13.87% market share.

In 2002 it was rebranded to ‘Buzz’, and in 2006 it rebranded as ‘Tigo’ to reflect the standard brand name within the Millicom Group.

Today it is a dynamic and highly visible brand, continuously active in driving digital inclusion among the youth in Ghana. It launched Tigo Cash in 2011 and has successfully brought banking to the unbanked. Tigo Cash is popular among the informal sector and populations in the hinterlands. It is renowned for its quick, safe and convenient service.

In 2015 Tigo made significant strides in enhancing its brand value. This is evidenced by various awards received, a total of 11 local and international awards including CEO of the Year at the prestigious AfricaCom Awards in Cape Town.

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