MILLIONS of children across the globe will soon be able to read the debut novel The Super 4: Dark Death ​by teen author Harrison Wallace, absolutely free thanks to a brand new collaboration.

Harrison has teamed up with international NGO, Worldreader to give as many as 5 million boys and girls in developing countries a chance to read his book. As part of the deal, The Super 4: Dark Death​has been re­formatted especially for Worldreader compatible e­readers and will be available for ‘Worldreaders’ to access from the end of February.

Speaking about the new development, Mr Joseph Botwey, the coordinator of Worldreader partnerships and publishing for West Africa says his organization is delighted to include Harrison’s novel on their list of authors. He added, “We love stories written by kids for other kids. It encourages other young people to realize they have a lot of potential. Our editors enjoyed the plot that Harrison created and they liked his style of writing.”

Commenting on his decision to share his book for free with other children, Harrison said, “It took me an entire year to create my first book. The first few drafts were painstakingly horrible, and as I got more into the story, I began to realize how hard it was to write a story. Four months in, I gave up. Two months after that, my parents convinced me to get back on it, and since then, I had been on the bumpy road of struggles and hardships.

“My parents and I are extremely excited about this amazing opportunity to sign a contract with Worldreader, and I’m pleased that I get to share my book with children less fortunate than myself.”

The Super 4: Dark Death​will be available via Worldreader from the end of February.

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