As the boundary of our national development expands, the limit of our music is also expanding. Times are changing, morals are changing, and our music is also changing. It’s a new generation with a new understanding of music. And it has become necessary that Ghana’s untouchable feeds your musical bellies with another music mix tape of the new understanding of music.

On the 4th of March, 2016, two days before Ghana’s independence celebration, DJ Mensah shall release the volume 1 of his Mix tape dubbed AFROCHRONIK. The mix tape is a blend of latest,Hits, award winning songs and new generational of Afrobeats songs that has contributed a great deal of putting African music on the world stage. AFROCHRONIK has 73 songs from top musicians Across africa and it its 1:13 mins of extended play and 60 mins on a cd.

AFROCHRINICK MIXTAPE Vol 1, an explicit nature of mix tape from the studios of DJ Mensah, Ghana’s untouchable willexplode the expressions of our nation.

AFROCHRINICK MIXTAPE Vol 1 is the connection between DJ Mensah and his fans. It is the mediator between an artist and his audience. AFROCHRONIK MIXTAPE Vol 1 is a beautiful and magnificent presence from DJ Mensah to Africa and beyond.

Meanwhile, DJ Mensah is currently with Sarkodie at the Harvard Business School for African Business Conference in Boston. He will be in Washington DC as a guest at the Ghana Independence Day Celebration (All aces at the echo stage) and later to London for the big concert at the O2.



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