Sensational songstress Efya is without a doubt one of Ghana’s best female singers who is good at what she does.

With a very strong and catchy voice one cannot turn away from it when she sings or when her songs are played and this time, it was on Nitro; the Live Session.

With a fierce style, great sound and a packed mixed bag of tunes to dazzle her way through every performance, Efya takes the stage in a mood to own and make her presence more than felt during her session.

Efya 1

Her choir performance with the audience who jammed, sung and performed with her on ‘Little Things’, ‘Best in Me’, ‘One of Your Own’ among the other tunes is just divine.

Efya 2

The soul goddess took her time to explain her art and music and in the space of the minute or two to say, “My genre of music, I call it, Efya Music.

As of recent you do a lil bit of reggae and you’re a reggae artiste but I really like to do things that are mixed. But most of it definitely has the bases of soul.” Her music offers the comfort and relief that gets you through the day and she just defines it that way.

Efya 4

Nitro; the Live Session will be showing the 6th in the season of 13 episodes on DSTV Africa Magic on the Compact Plus Channel 151 for the full show and interview.

This is the first of many productions from Echo House a creative marketing agency that looks at doing things crazy enough to draw attention and potent enough to make a point.


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