The leading education not for profit, Aim Higher Africa is spearheading the transformation of the traditional classroom into a digital learning environment.
In its effort to bring inclusive learning to every child in deprived communities, the organization whose trademark IGNITE toolkit for life class has set the standard in entrepreneurial training for young students took to the Bole Autism Centre in the Northern Region to provide the children with assistive learning tools.
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The organization in partnership with Nasco, its technology partner, is pioneering the use of technology that can help children work around their learning challenges.
According to founder Peace Hyde, “assistive technology is any device that helps a person who is differently abled work around his or her challenges so they can learn, communicate or simply function better, we are happy to bring to the Autistic Centre in Bole, a new way of learning and engagement to help enrich the wonderful care being provided at Centre.”
During its trip, the organization also provided meals and learning resources as well as cash donation to the Centre. The Aim Higher Africa team, comprising of volunteer teachers and social workers spent the day with the children at the Centre helping them to understand the power of technology in overcoming learning disabilities.

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